9 Ways to Choose the Best Ship Management Companies in Dubai
29 Jul

9 Ways to Choose the Best Ship Management Companies in Dubai

There are two types of companies in shipping – ownership and management companies. As the name suggests, ship management companies deal with managing the ships. 

These companies manage the ownership ships of either independent owners or ships of other companies. The ship management company manages the entire ship on behalf of the owner of the ship and pays him a yearly amount which is agreed upon by the owner and the ship management company

This contract allows the owner to lease the ship to the ship management company for a predefined or for a definite period. After the contract expires, the owner may continue with the same ship management company if the services of that company are satisfactory. 

If the performance of a particular ship management company is not satisfying, the owner resorts to the other company. The owner can lease the entire ship or he can only buy a few services provided by the ship management companies in Dubai.

Logistics and ship these two entities always go hand in hand. Ships are like the building blocks of the logistics industry. Hence, one needs to take utmost care while choosing a ship management company. There are few ways in which you can distinguish some good ship management companies in Dubai from the others. 

Here are 9 ways in which you can choose the best ship management company-

1. The type of cargo your ship carries 

while choosing a ship management company, you must first consider the type of Cargo your ship is going to carry. Each company has its specialty when it comes to carrying a particular type of cargo. This includes dangerous cargo, general cargo, etc. Hence, before you decide on any ship management company, understand the kind of cargo your ship carries- is it dangerous or general?


2. Look out for its RPSL number

When one approaches any ship management company, one must look for its RPSL- (Recruitment and placement services license) number. This means that the ship management company is approved by the National Government and also audited by the Maritime Labour Law.


3. ITF Certification

A ship management company that is certified or registered with ITF – International Transport Worker’s Federation is always better than the one which is not approved or registered with ITF. This simply depicts that a particular ship management company follows all the norms of the Government. Also, the company must be IMO certified, which also means that it abides by all the standards and norms of the Government.


4.The number of ships managed in the past

A good ship management company is the one that has managed multiple ships in the past. For instance, if a ship management company X has served fifty ships and the other named Y has served 10 ships, one must go with X. The experience is what counts when it comes to choosing the best company out of all the ship management companies in Dubai.


5. Type of ships served

One must understand the type of ship a ship management company has served in the past. For example, of your cargo is dangerous cargo, you have to settle down for a company that has served more dangerous cargo-carrying ships. Such a company exactly knows how to deal with the type of cargo that your ship carries.


6. Salary paid

One must know the amount or the salaries that are paid to the crew members by a ship management company. A good company always provides the right salaries to the crew, which also aligns with the market standard. If one company pays higher than the other, doesn’t mean that it is the best. However, there are other attributes that one must take into consideration. 


7. The facilities provided

Every ship management company must maintain a high standard while providing various facilities for the onboard ship members. The quality of the service provided to the crew members is of the utmost importance. One must look forward to the standard a ship management company maintains, before making the final decision of choosing a company.


8. The Goodwill

There are various ship management companies in Dubaibut only a few have the brand or the Goodwill. One must make a detailed research about the companies that have Goodwill or a brand name. This will help you understand the top players in the ship management industry.


9. Customer care

The number of satisfied customers and the kind of service provided to the previous customers can be reviewed. If you see that clients or owners are renewing their contract periodically with a particular ship management company, it means that the company has successfully satisfied its client. Looking at this kind of satisfactory service, one can choose the right ship management company.


Thus, by considering all the above points, one will be able to choose the right ship management company among all the available ship management companies in Dubai.

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