9 Important Export Products to Dubai from India
26 May

9 Important Export Products to Dubai from India

The export service from India to Dubai is one of the busiest international services today. Dubai being the 25th largest export country across the globe considers trading as one of its highly significant industries. 

While there is a little tiff between India and some of the other Arab countries, the relationship between India and Dubai has been favorable and delightful. 

Many of us know the fact that Dubai or the United Arab Emirates is the provider of most of India’s oil and non-oil products. Now, it’s time to know about the products being exported from India to Dubai every day. 

Here are the 9 important export products that travel from India to reach Dubai daily. 

The entire list of export products from India will be extensive and here are the top-ranked products only.

#1 Jewelry and Stones

To date, the articles of jewelry and parts exported from India to Dubai are worth more than 12000000 thousand dollars. Some of these are precious metals or metal clad with precious metals. While some are plated, some are non-plated.

#2 Daily Products

There is a huge amount of daily products exported from India to Dubai. These are mostly toiletry preparations, resinoids, perfumery, essential oils, and associated products for self-grooming. These items are worth approximately 170000 thousand dollars to date.

#3 Textiles

Indian textiles have a huge market in the global spectrum and it is the reason for the textile items being exported every week from India to Dubai. The fashion scene of Dubai is quite charming and Indian textiles like Khadi and Silk have a huge demand in this country.

#4 Clothing

After textiles, it is the clothing items that are frequently exported from India to Dubai. It is a huge list of women’s or girls’ suits, jackets, blazers, ensembles, dresses, skirts, divided skirts, bib and brace overalls, trousers, breeches, and shorts- all are fashionable clothing items.

#5 Construction Materials

These are also in huge demand in the Dubai market and products like light-vessels, fire-floats, dredgers, and floating cranes are exported in a huge amount regularly. Almost all of these items are used for construction and related business services.

#6 Metal Items

The manufacturing business requires items like screws, bolts, nuts, coach-screws, screw hooks, rivets, cotters, cotter pins, washers of iron, or steel. These items are exported from India to Dubai in a huge proportion.

#7 Electronic products

Ranging from mobile phones to nuclear reactors, sound recorders, and television images are the electronic products that are exported from India to Dubai. These are one of the highly demandable products in Dubai from India, as the report says.

#8 Articles of Copper

India is a great source of copper items for many countries and Dubai is no far behind. The articles of copper for Dubai are one of the top-ranked export products from India.

#9 Meat

India earns huge revenue in exporting meat, seafood, and other edible items. The meats of sheep or goats, fresh, chilled, or frozen are the items hugely exported to Dubai.

Above are the export products from India to Dubai regularly and these have a huge demand. If you are looking for an export company in Dubai with all the advanced technologies, feel free to contact us. 

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