7 Things to Check Before Renting a Warehouse in Dubai
2 Jan

7 Things to Check Before Renting a Warehouse in Dubai

Finding warehouses and storage in Dubai is a real challenge for entrepreneurs because there are multiple aspects that they need to comply with before, during, and after renting. 

If you are looking for a commercial property that you’ll convert into your warehouse for storage purposes, no more worries because here we present seven tips that you need to simply follow.

#1 Check your Eligibility

This is the first step towards finding a warehouse in Dubai for renting. Make sure you have a valid trade license issued from the Dubai Economic Department. For every zone, there are multiple other official bodies from whom you might need to take permission.

#2 Find the best Location

You need to identify the areas where renting a warehouse will be beneficial for your business. Check if the location is accessible to your target customers, employees, and other people involved in your business. Also, make sure there is a huge parking area nearby.

#3 Take Professional Advice

The best way to go about renting a commercial property in Dubai is by taking professional help from a lawyer and a real estate agent. They will make you aware of the number of cheques you need to pay and the required permission you need to take.

#4 Do the Paperwork Well

It is needless to say that doing the paperwork will save you from any kind of financial or legal trouble. To rent a warehouse and storage in Dubai, you need to ask for ownership proof, compliance with existing plans, the status of the premises, and more from the property owner.

#5 Know your Budget

Another crucial aspect of renting a commercial property is the budget that you can afford. The annual rent is just a part of it as you need to also count the security deposit and many other hidden charges involved. Based on it, find the best property that meets your needs.

#6 Know the Type of Lease

In Dubai, there are usually four kinds of lease agreements for commercial renting such as gross lease, land lease, triple net least, and modified net lease. Know the type of lease agreement you will want to have and discuss the same with the property owner.

#7 After Renting

Once you have signed the lease, make the proper arrangement for your warehouse. It includes getting an electricity connection, getting insurance against damage, and preparing the interior with all the facilities.

It’s the last step that you need to do carefully before starting off.

Now that you know the seven essential things that you need to ensure while renting a warehouse and storage in Dubai, just go ahead and make the best out of it. 

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