7 Things To Check While Booking A Warehouse In Dubai
5 Aug

7 Things To Check While Booking A Warehouse In Dubai

With the ongoing demand of online businesses, warehouses are always in high demand. But, choosing a warehouse with the right facilities can be an overwhelming task when you don’t know which aspects to look for.

Hence, here are 7 essential tips that are going to help you choose to warehouse in Dubai.

Whichever industry you belong to, these tips are surely going to uplift your experience.

#1 Space Requirements

The first thing that you need to check while booking a warehouse in Dubai is the space requirement of your business. If you have multiple options, you can start by measuring the square footage of each and comparing them. After that, you can fix the final one that suits your requirements perfectly. If you don’t need a very large space currently but you might require it in the long run, choosing a larger space will be beneficial.

#2 The Location

The second thing that’s equally essential for a warehouse to have is the correct location. The warehouse should be well connected with the airport and it should also be close to your office. Otherwise, the cost of transportation can be a real concern in the future. You can search in Google or any local search engine by typing ‘warehouses near me to see which one will be the most convenient for you and your company staff.

#3 Type of Equipment

Thirdly, you need to know the type of equipment your business deals with and thereby, choose an appropriate warehouse. For example, if your company manufactures glass or any fragile item, you need to choose a warehouse that’s suitable for keeping such items.

Also, you need to make sure that the warehouse you choose is suitable for your future products. These are the most fundamental things that you need to ensure while warehousing in Dubai.

#4 Inventory Needs

Apart from the type of equipment you have, you also need to check whether the warehouse you select is capable of fulfilling your inventory needs. For example, if you sell an item that requires a specific temperature and humidity, the warehouse should be chosen according to that.

Otherwise, your products may not be in a sellable condition during the shipment. Also, security systems and fire control technologies are important.

#5 Facilities

Today, many warehouses are there that provide you with a higher number of facilities than others. The facilities that you should check are more important for your employees, who are going to frequently work in the warehouse.

Thinking about these aspects will help you to save a higher employee turnover. Otherwise, you may end up spending more on unnecessary things due to poor facilities. This is where you can save a little budget in warehousing.

#6 Parking Space

Another very important aspect that every warehouse needs to have is a big parking space. The vehicles that carry company products are usually larger in size and need proper shelter in the warehouse.

If you select a warehouse without a proper parking space, that can create a lot of trouble when it comes to frequent shipment. Also, there should be enough loading doors at the warehouse’s loading dock.

#7 Contract

Finally, you need to book a warehouse that offers you a warranty or coverage over your items. This is a very crucial aspect that you should never skip as there could be chances of breakage or damage in the future.

While some warehouses take insurance against fire damage and natural calamities, others remain casual in these things. You need to double-check these aspects and also ask for a contract paper to sign an agreement.

The above tips are quite important when it comes to choosing a company warehouse. Now that you know all of them, go ahead and partner with the best warehouse company in your nearest location. If you are looking for a warehouse in Dubai with all the above facilities, no need to look further.

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Our team will surely help you to find a permanent solution for all your warehousing needs in Dubai.

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