7 Pocket Friendly Tips for Storage and Packing in Dubai
31 Oct

7 Pocket Friendly Tips for Storage and Packing in Dubai

If you are moving to another city within Dubai, or just trying to free up a little space for new stuff, you need to plan well in advance. Packing and storage of belongings can be quite a challenge, and if you are not careful, you might even end up damaging a few of your collectibles.

Those living in busy cities like UAE should prepare well in advance to move their belongings. You can always make things easy by hiring storage or a moving company in Dubai.

However, you can always keep these storage and packing tips in mind to help you plan your move.

#1 Plan Well Ahead

Moving might sound easy, but trust us, it is not. Plan in a way that you can pack the belongings of one room at one time.

You also need to segregate based on what you might need immediately, and those that can be stored at a storage facility if needed. Once you are done with the packing, seal all the boxes, and store them all in a room.

This way you can easily keep count of the boxes and coordinate the move professionally.

#2 Focus on Decluttering

When you move homes, you get to check out all the stuff in the house. This makes it a perfect time to declutter and discard those things that you no longer use. Just go through all the shelves and the cupboard, and sort out all the belongings.

Make them into three batches – the items that need to be packed, those which you do not need immediately and go to the storage, and the items you can dispose of. Outdated or tattered items can be thrown right into the bin. Items like furniture or electronics have a resale value, and hence can be put up for resale.

#3 Gather the Required Packing Materials

Make sure you have all the packing materials handy. This saves a lot of time, and you need not make sure of last-minute runs for the same.

Some of the common supplies you might need are boxes, bubble wrap, fillers, labels, cello tape, and a pair of scissors. By having these supplies handy you can focus your energy and attention on just packing your belongings.

#4 Dismantle the Furniture

If you have some heavy furniture like beds or cupboards, you can disassemble them and fit them into cardboard boxes. Any nuts and bolts can be stored in a zip lock bag, and taped to the item to avoid any misplacements.

When you are sorting the furniture, you also need to consider the room dimensions of the new house. If you have any misfits, you can either resell them or choose a storage facility to store them safely.

#5 The Packing Process

If you own any fragile items, you need to wrap them individually before putting them in a box. You can use bubble wrap to wrap the items and add them to a box.

You can layer the items using paper sheets. The heavier items can be placed at the bottom, and you can add small or lighter items over the heavier ones. If there are any gaps, you can fill in those using paper or towels, or bubble wrap.

You can also use blankets or moving pads to wrap around the furniture to prevent damage.

You also need to focus on packing and storing important documents. Add them all to a file, and place them in the bag or suitcase you will be carrying along. You also need to pack a box of essentials you might need immediately at your new place. Some of the items you can pack are box cutters, a tea kit, a few garbage bags, pillows, a kettle, and a few snacks or drinks for energizing.

#6 Choose the Right Box Size

For easy mobility of the items, you can store the heavier items in small boxes. The lighter ones can be stored in larger boxes. The boxes should also weigh less than 40 lbs. Do not overstuff the boxes as they might tear apart when they bulge or lose shape.

When you are adding the labels, you can add them on the side so that you can see when the boxes are stacked one over the other. You can even purchase boxes of various sizes from the storage facility.

#7 Vacuum Seal Fabrics and Clothes

Fabrics and regular clothes can take up a lot of space when you store them. If you plan to store them for a long time, you can use vacuum seal bags.

This way you can make more room to store other items, and also protect the clothes from any damage.

We hope these tips come in handy during relocation. If you are downsizing or relocating, you can also hire a storage unit and store unused items in their facility.

Most of the warehouses have modern amenities and are quite secure.

Most storage companies can help you with packing, storage as well as moving.

So, if you are looking for professional help, do not hesitate to contact us.

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