5 Tips To Find The Best Warehouse And Storage In Dubai
19 Mar

5 Tips To Find The Best Warehouse And Storage In Dubai

The last decade has firmly established Dubai as the commercial hub for varying business purposes.

Inventory management happens to be one of the key aspects of successful market operations. 

It’s crucial to have a cost-effective model when it comes to business as every expense is reduced from the ROI.

We have covered some of the important factors you should consider to determine the optimal warehouse in Dubai

Important Factors To Consider Before You Zero In Your Warehouse And Storage Space In Dubai

Warehouses are one of the fundamental steps to maintain the balance between supply and demand in the marketplace. 

It is fairly imperative to choose the best warehouse and storage in Dubai to facilitate your business needs.

#1 Layout & Logistics

Layouts can contribute vastly to your everyday operations. It is important to zero in one that suits your business style and needs. 

You may as well ask if the owner is open to structural modifications around his property to enable quick and effortless operations.

One can’t ignore the pros of proximity to major transport routes. While warehouse spaces consider access to multi-modal logistical integration. 

#2 Size & Cost

Is the space adequate to fit in your current stock? Is the space adequate to meet your business needs? 

While evaluating the size it is imperative to consider future prospects of your business that you might require.

Financial planning will help zero in on the warehouse cost provided you consider the operational, forwarding, distribution, and service cost of the spare demands.  

#3 Safety & Security

While trusting a warehouse with your goods it’s crucial to consider security measures taken by your warehouse premises. Have talks with the warehouse provider if there are insurance policies in place for your goods. 

#4 Prime Areas To Consider For Warehouse In Dubai 

When choosing an area for your warehouse or garage space hunt you need to know the requirements of your business well.  

Factors such as supply chain cost, distributor channel, business networks, material moving cost, expansion plans, etc come into play when deciding on a warehouse. 

Your requirements may change based on external factors such as machinery required or raw material source, etc. Once you have figured out the basics of your business needs you can move on to finalize the ideal premises. 

#5 Following Are The Top 5 Areas To Consider For Your Storage Space In Dubai

 Al Quoz – It is one of the oldest and most popular areas for storage spaces in Dubai. The area is well connected to highways and major popular joints around the city. 

 Dubai Investment Park (DIP) – The massive warehouses available in the upcoming location serves companies dealing with storage and logistics. The location has easy access to Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and is in close proximity to airports. 

Ras Al Khor – Located in the suburban part of the city the location is ideal for commercial as well as industrial companies. The area holds well-maintained warehouse spaces offering a range of sizes to serve multiple purposes. 

Al Qusais – Being around the Dubai Sharjah border the location is ideal for most industrial companies. The area is well connected through various modes of transport and quite budget-friendly. 

 Jebel Ali – The strategic location is closer to the port and boasts accessibility to major highways around the city. 

There are various locations available across Dubai that offer warehouse and storage facilities. The best location for your business would be the one that suits your supply chain model and compliments your transactions. 

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